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Move better, breathe deeper, improve your life.

Pattern combines the movement practice of pilates, the manual therapy of structural medicine, and breathwork training to heal pain and improve your quality of life. 



About Pattern Signature Pilates

Drawing from the Classical method as originated by Joseph Pilates, Pattern Pilates challenges the body from  the inside out. We begin with awareness of the deep core and build mobility and stability. With the aid of special apparatus, Pilates conditions the body and mind to work together. To feel connected, with strength and stretch, throughout all movement patterns in the system as a whole.

Pilates teaches the student how to integrate, or use,  new range of motion. Ideally paired with Structural Medicine, to release holding patterns. Developing tone where there is weakness and flexibility in places of tension. The goal to achieve an overall balanced musculature of the body resulting in ease of movement and reserve energy for play.


  • Toning & Strengthening

  • Flexibility

  • Increased energy


About Pattern Structural Medicine

Structural Medicine, as Developed by Donna Bajelis, is a Hands-on fascial therapy. Through specific muscle testing  and postural analysis, we can determine where pain and restriction originate.  With treatment, range of motion is restored and pain and tension released. 

Structural Medicine differentiates, elongates and tones both the muscle fibers and the interwoven connective tissue, called fascia, to restore the tissue to its original shape.  This organization develops grace and ease of movement.  In the process, emotional release may take place which allows the body to let go and be free to feel restored.


  • Relieves pain

  • Increases range of motion

  • Redefines movement patterns

Structural Medicine




About Pattern Breathwork

The breath is one of the automatic systems in our body we can choose to control. Often the breath pattern is shallow, delivering insufficient oxygen to support our body's energetic needs. At other times the breath is stuck in a pattern of anxiety, short and quick. When we move , there is an increased need for energy, oxygen, which is why we breathe harder. Learning how to breath with integrity will allow you to release the muscles around the ribcage and diaphragm that restrict full inflation of the lungs. Increased lung capacity leads to more available oxygen which provides energy.


Breath control can flip the switch internally from flight or fight to rest and digest. It provides a link to your autonomic nervous system which can reduce anxiety, produce calm and induce a state where change is possible.


  • Reduce anxiety & stress

  • Increased energy




Anna Rodzinski
Executive Producer & Partner

"I was born with legs that turned inward and I've accepted that to be my natural shape. It wasn't until working with Sara through bodywork that I've been able to correct how I walk, how I stand and how I use my legs. Now, I am able to use my INNER THIGHS. That is a life changer.  

For the last 10 years I have been a Bikram yoga student and thought that I had done everything I could do to correct these things. I figured that after my hard work what was left was simple genetics and I just wasn't capable of certain movements. Truly, I was blown away by how much Sara changed through a series of massages."

Julie Hearne | Author and Chef

"I have been seeing Sara for 6 years now and when I first started I could not touch my toes and I was not only not flexible but my whole body was off. I did not have much core strength and I slouched. My height was 5ft. 4” growing up but before I went to Sara my doctor told me I was 5’3. I couldn’t believe I was 46 years old and I was already shrinking.

I started changing the way I walked, did sports and even just sitting. My posture has improved and I am now back to my original height of 5’4. I am mindful of my body and how I do things throughout the day. I am much stronger and I have better balance. Sara truly cares so much about everyone she sees and helps them individually to improve and maintain their body."
"When I first met Sara I dreaded exercise, my posture was lousy and I was in continual pain after major surgery. Three years later, I’m stronger, have good posture, and move better. I look forward to workouts with Sara because she is inspiring, cheerful and caring."

Gail T. | Law

"Sara is an exceptional pilates teacher and bodyworker! I have been a bodyworker for almost 20 years and Sara has some of the best touch I've experienced yet. She embodies the wisdom of movement and she's able to communicate and lead one into deeper layers"

Rachel Jones| Therapist

"Sara has created studio environment that from the moment I walk in, I feel trust, secure and at peace. Throughout our sessions, Sara’s extensive education and knowledge of the body is evident." 

Karyn H. | Executive Director

"She leads with compassion, operates with precision, and engages with sincerity to help you build better patterns into your life. She looks beyond the physical task to see the whole person – guiding true progress from the inside out."

Mandy M. | Entrepreneur


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