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About me

Meet Pattern's Founder

I am so happy you found me. Hi my name is Sara Haakenson, I am a Seattle native and lover of the PNW.  


My background is in movement of all sorts. I have worn many hats, dancer, athlete, mother, instructor, wife and perpetual student. 


In 2018 I was diagnosed with uterine cancer and underwent treatment in the form of surgery. Having been through that experience, I am attuned to the effects of surgery and scar tissue in the body and how that affects the patterns of movement as well as the emotional resonance of trauma.

I am also a mother which gives me compassion for all the moms out there and what their bodies undergo pre and post birth.  I use all the tools in my tool belt to assess the person in front of me and aid in their wellbeing. I look forward to meeting you.


My Education & Experience

I began my love of the human story with a BA in History from Western Washington University. Since then I have endeavored to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the human experience through both the body and the mind. 


I have been certified  in the classical method of Pilates since 2008. Followed by many continuing education courses with renown names in Pilates.  For more than 20 years I have practiced yoga in conjunction with dance. I also enjoy snowboarding, swimming and anything that resembles play. Yet, as much as I adore the practice of Pilates to ensure longevity in these pastimes, both me and my clients found there were patterns within the body that were extremely resistant to change. 

In 2019 I entered a four year Structural Medicine internship program.  This method of manual therapy combines massage and movement techniques with breathwork training and emotional wellness support. Structural medicine utilizes the founder's background of Physical Therapy, Rolfing, Heller work, Aston patterning and Voice Dialogue to produce an all encompassing whole body approach to pain relief and emotional wellbeing.



What to Expect

I aim to create a stress-free and peaceful process for my sessions so you can leave feeling better than how you arrived.


After a consultation where I gather your personal history, I assess your body using Myofascial length testing and balance your body through structural integration, pilates and breathwork. 

 I aim to  find the root cause of any issues that you present with. Each session is tailored specifically for you to create balance and enjoy your new patterns of movement and for healing to take place.


The response is different for each client, but you can expect to feel a sense of calm, clarity and overall balance and wellbeing after your session.


Who I Work With

I work with people of all backgrounds and physical abilities. My clients include athletes, moms, post operative patients and anyone who wants to feel good in their bodies. I am particularly drawn to those that have undergone trauma. Pattern can truly help redefine the way your mind and body hold the experience by remodeling scar tissue and allowing the nervous system to acknowledge safety and aliveness in the present moment.  


I help my clients learning about their bodies and leave them with the tools, information, education, and remedies to take home and create new, pain-free patterns.

Pattern Studio is a safe space for any and all. As a black woman I am attuned to fact that we each come from our own respective stories and have individual needs. 


Want to know more?

Schedule a FREE consultation with me to ask your questions and get deeper insights into how we might work together. 

  • Phone conversation dedicated to you & your questions

    15 min

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