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About Pattern Signature Pilates

Integrates the new way of being, moving, breathing with the use of special apparatus. To feel connected, with strength and stretch, throughout all movement patterns in the system as a whole.

Pilates teaches the student how to integrate, or use, the new range of motion now available from the bodywork. Developing tone where there is weakness and flexibility in places of tension. The goal to achieve an overall balanced musculature of the body resulting in ease of movement and reserve energy for play.


  • Toning & Strengthening

  • Flexibility

  • Increased energy

Body Work



About Pattern Bodywork

Hands-on fascia massage releases, elongates and tones your muscles to restore the body to its original shape, and organizes the body from the inside out.

This structural body work differentiates, elongates and tones both the muscle fibers and the interwoven connective tissue, called fascia, to restore the body to its original shape. In the process, emotional release may take place which allows the body to let go and be free to move and feel restored.


  • Relieves pain

  • Increases range of motion

  • Redefines movement patterns



About Pattern Breath work

When we move skeletal muscles, we use energy and therefore need more oxygen, which is why we engage breath. Learning how to breath with integrity will allow you to release the muscles around the ribcage and diaphragm that restrict full inflation of the lungs. Increased lung capacity leads to more available oxygen which provides energy.


Learn how to control your breath, link to your autonomic nervous system which can reduce anxiety, produce calm and induce a state where change is possible.


  • Reduce anxiety & stress

  • Increased energy

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