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Move better, breathe deeper, improve your life.

Pattern combines the movement practice of pilates, the manual therapy of structural medicine, and breathwork training to heal pain and improve your quality of life. 


How's your body today?

Let's pause and investigate this question together. I will work with you to understand your body and what you are feeling to help you build awareness. 

Drawing attention to how your pain started and how you feel in your body, can be the foundation to your freedom.

Our sessions are private... just you & me.

Together we’ll uncover how your pattern has been created and build awareness. Through my expertise in pilates, structural anatomy and breathwork, I'll empower you with the knowledge and tools to find your freedom.


Finding your pattern leads to freedom.

Freedom leads to:

  • Alleviating Stress & Anxiety

  • Mobility & Ease of Movement

  • Increased Energy & Bandwidth

  • Productivity & Creativity

  • Intimacy & Feeling Good in Your Body


Let's find your pattern.

Book a session to begin the journey.


Strength, stretch and tone to create overall balance in your body. Your practice will result in ease of movement, resilience and reserved energy for play.


Receive a healing touch for both your body and mind. Hands-on fascia massage that releases, elongates and tones your muscles to restore your body to its original shape.


Learn to take full, deep expansive breaths. Providing yourself with a better oxygen flow will help reduce your anxiety and give you sustained energy.


Image by Edward Cisneros

Anna Rodzinski
Executive Producer & Partner

"I was born with legs that turned inward and I've accepted that to be my natural shape. It wasn't until working with Sara through bodywork that I've been able to correct how I walk, how I stand and how I use my legs. Now, I am able to use my INNER THIGHS. That is a life changer.  

For the last 10 years I have been a Bikram yoga student and thought that I had done everything I could do to correct these things. I figured that after my hard work what was left was simple genetics and I just wasn't capable of certain movements. Truly, I was blown away by how much Sara changed through a series of massages."
Image by Els Fattah

Christen B. | Director of Sales

"I have been seeing Sara for 6 years now and when I first started I could not touch my toes and I was not only not flexible but my whole body was off. I did not have much core strength and I slouched. My height was 5ft. 4” growing up but before I went to Sara my doctor told me I was 5’3. I couldn’t believe I was 46 years old and I was already shrinking.

I started changing the way I walked, did sports and even just sitting. My posture has improved and I am now back to my original height of 5’4. I am mindful of my body and how I do things throughout the day. I am much stronger and I have better balance. Sara truly cares so much about everyone she sees and helps them individually to improve and maintain their body."
"When I first met Sara I dreaded exercise, my posture was lousy and I was in continual pain after major surgery. Three years later, I’m stronger, have good posture, and move better. I look forward to workouts with Sara because she is inspiring, cheerful and caring."

Gail T. | Dentist

"I worked with Sara to rehab a lower back injury and so glad I found her. She’s professional, highly knowledgable, and really good at what she does. I will always seek her care in the future as necessary."

Noah K | Investor

"Sara has created studio environment that from the moment I walk in, I feel trust, secure and at peace. Throughout our sessions, Sara’s extensive education and knowledge of the body is evident." 

Karyn H. | CEO

"Pilates with Sara is stellar! She continually exceeds all expectations. She is professional, kind, talented, knowledgeable and focused, giving 100% at all times. I love working out with Sara, it's the best hour of my week!"

Christen B. | Director of Sales

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